Inflatable Boats

Gumotex Safari

Why would you choose the GUMOTEX brand?
Tradition. The company GUMOTEX have been making boats for more than 60 years!
Experience. We have our own research and development performed by our professional team!
Quality. The QM system of the company GUMOTEX, a. s. complies with the requirements of the ČSN
EN ISO 9001:2009 standard!
Safety. One of the most important features of our products is the high safety factor!
Lifetime. We use high quality level materials and offer a long-term lifetime of materials!
Testing. The boats are tested even under extreme conditions!
Innovation. The company GUMOTEX is the trend-setter on the inflatable boats market!
Satisfaction by tens of thousands of customers all over the world!


What advantages do you get with an Inflatable boat?
Foldable. The boat can be easily accommodated in to a small backpack!
Light weight. You can carry the boats of the Hevealon material with one hand!
Easy transport. You do not need any trailer or roof rack either!
Safety. The inflatable boat does not sink even when you capsize by accident!
Comfort. Enjoy the comfort during a ride with inflatable boats!